Get Insight Into Royal Legacy At Amber Fort In Jaipur

Rajasthan’s iconic marvel of Amber Fort is the most noteworthy attraction of Jaipur. It is listed as one of the top places to visit on the Jaipur sightseeing tour. Stretched across 4 sq. Km, Amber Fort & Palace is a spellbinding tourist attraction of the royal era and grandeur. Its hilltop location makes it look more splendid and appealing. The fortress is known by many names including Amer ka Kila, Amer Palace, Amber Fort, and Amber Palace. Despite its name, the royal castle was also a residential abode for the royal family of Rajasthan.

Get insight into royal legacy at Amber Fort in Jaipur Tour Package. But before heading to the Amber Fort tour, read more to learn everything about the fortress.

History of the fort –

Amber Fort’s history is can be traced back to 967 CE. The ruler of the Chanda clan of Meenas, Alan Singh was the first one to build this fortress and settle down their empire in Amber. Afterward, in 1592 when Raja Man Singh of the Kachwaha clan was ruling built Amer ka Kila on the remnants of the old structure. During the Rajput ruler’s reign, the fort was constantly renovated. Sawai Jai Singh, Raja Man Singh’s descendant completed the last additions to the fortress and created Amber Palace which is famous to date. Due to the kingdom’s capital being later relocated to Jaipur, no further additions were made to the fortress.

The architecture style of the fort –

The enormous structure of Amber Fort was built using red and white sandstone with marble. The architecture is a perfect blend of Hindu and Mughal styles of structure. From the hilltop, the fort flaunts its colorful and vibrant architectural designs. One of the most noteworthy key attractions is the carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses on the walls and ceilings. Amber Palace is Jaipur is proportionately divided into four sections, each of which is known as a courtyard. The entry gates of the palace are designed with a beautiful Rajput structure that adds an excellent touch to each gate.

The royal palace features fascinating structures like Sukh Mandir, the famous Ganesh Pol, Sheesh Mahal, and many more to explore on Jaipur Heritage Tour. Inside the palace, there are many beautiful paintings of famous Rajput rulers and ancient hunting styles that adorn the walls, giving it a vibrant look. Amber Fort Palace overlooks the Maota Lake which was once the major source of water supply. The lake view and green garden add a soothing touch to the palace structure.

Things to see at Amber Fort –

When visiting the Amber Fort in Jaipur, you will be exploring the must-see tourist attractions in the royal state. These attractions include –

  1. Suraj Pol is the entry gate of the fortress which is frequently featured in the historical setting of many Bollywood movies.
  2. Jaleb Chowk is the first major courtyard which was earlier used as a gathering place for soldiers. The chowk is home to the famous Shila Devi Temple famous for its animal sacrifice ritual.
  3. Ganesh Pol is an important popular gate of Amber Fort in Jaipur which is also the main gate of the palace. It has many small windows that were built for the royal ladies to see around
  4. Diwan-e-Aam is a common audience hall located right opposite Ganesh Pol. The Palace is where the king would address the common public and hear their grievances.
  5. Jai Mahal or Diwan-e-Khas is a beautiful hall for the private audience which is lavishly adorned. The famous palace is a great place for relaxation and also had bathing chambers with khus curtains.
  6. Sheesh Mahal or Mirror Palace is the most visited and iconic section of the palace. One can click many beautiful photographs by lighting up the Mirror Palace with candles.
  7. Sukh Niwas was the resting place of kings, located across the working chambers. Along the Sukh Niwas were the rooms of the king’s queens.
  8. Zenana Mahal is where the queens or royal ladies for the family resided. The outer courtyard was where the queens and kings would relax.

How to reach the fort?

Amber fort is located 11 kilometers away from the heart of Pink City, Jaipur. To reach the Amber, you can hire a private Taxi Service in Jaipur for a better sightseeing experience. The fort is located on a hilltop where there are three ways to reach the top –

  • Enjoy elephant ride to experience the royal feel of entering the palace
  • Ride on a jeep vehicle to reach up the Amber Fort
  • Hike up via a smaller route that ascends the old steps

Amber Fort Light and Sound Show –

Every day in the evening a play takes place inside the premises of Amber Fort at Kesar Kyari on Maota Lake. The laser light play reflects the stories from Rajputana times in the fort. This showcases the highlights of local legends, folklore, and celebrates the maestros of folk music, offering the real taste of Rajputana glory. It is recommended to reach there at least 25 minutes before to settle down at your place on time.

Timing: This is a 50 minutes show (available in English and Hindi)

Amber Fort and Palace is a great place to explore the Jaipur sightseeing experience of the Rajasthan Tour Package. It serves as a major highlight of Jaipur tourism that deserves a visit once in a while. So, whenever you plan a trip to Jaipur, do not forget to visit the iconic Amber Fort in Jaipur trip plan.

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