Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur

Ghanta ghar – An Attractive landmark.

Clock tower which is also known as Ghanta ghar considered as an important and very popular landmark in the Blue City or we can say in the Sun City of India without having a watch on this magnificent or attractive landmark the trip does not seem to be complete.It is located just next to the Sardar Market which lies within the city premises where you can find everything starting from the colourful shoes to potteries and teas,vegetable, spices, Indian sweets, textile,silver and handicraft it is considered to be a great place to ramble around. The clock tower of Jodhpur was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in his rule between in 1880 and 1911 it is believed that the tower dominates the entire scenario.It is the oldest in the city market but still continues to retain its charm.The market near also adds value to the tourist list as one can easily indulge in shopping and enjoying the charm of the city after the sun sets.It is also considered a very great way to explore the regular life of the people living in Jodhpur.Ghanta ghar is also very attractive place to spend your evening. The clock tower has been decorated by the beautiful light which lit up at the night and looks hundred times more amazing then the day time and it also enthrals the tourist with its impressive beauty and charm. Buying the artefacts and the local ethnic things from the nearby Sardar Market and also trying the famous Rajasthani chat delicacy is there on that spot is the best thing one can do there and the glory of this Landmark simply takes to the top of the places to visit in Jodhpur.

Clock tower – A charming place

Ghantaghar market which is old city market which continues to retain its charm while some of the shops the of the market find the prominent mention in the book. This is oldest market on old age market in Jodhpur which enjoys a widespread patronage even today This is a place which is definitely considered as a bargain hunters delight but the very gratifying thing about the market is you would never feel you are paying more for any of the particular items.

Location,Timings, Entry fee.

The clock tower of the Ghantaghar is situated at a distance of 1.5 kilometre from Jodhpur Railway station and 3 km away from Jodhpur Fort at Nai Sarak near Sardar market.No entry fee is charged from the tourists .clock tower remains open from 10 a.m to 8 p.m .

A glittering place

This place shows the proper tradition of Rajasthani people the night view of the tower is pretty good.This unique clock has been imported from London which has been manufactured by the same clock company who manufactured clock for the London Clock Tower.

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