Jakhu Temple Shimla Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images, Aarti, Location & Phone

The ancient Hanuman Temple is Jakhoo Temple, which is tucked away amid the vivid grandeur of the Shivalik hill ranges, offering devotees of the “Pawan Putra” a mysterious feeling. A popular tourist attraction in Shimla tour package, it is home to the enormous statue of the Hindu god Hanuman, which attracts travelers of all ages besides the local Hindu population.
The Jakhoo Temple is surrounded by breathtaking views that add to the spectacular setting’s magnificent quality. The mesmerizing views overlook the nearby town of Sanjauli. For those who like to enjoy trekking, it’s a terrific site to take in the breathtaking dawns and sunsets and an exciting ride. Besides, nature lovers will adore the verdant, meandering trails.

History of the temple

Shimla is extensively known for its fascinating legendary tale associated with the Jakhoo Temple. It is highly believed that during the Ramayana’s combat course, Ram’s younger brother Lakshmana was struck by a strong arrow and lost consciousness. Despite several attempts, he was unable to be revived. Then, a well-known priest informed Lord Rama that to wake him, he would require a specific Sanjeevani booti (herb). The task of obtaining the plant from the Himalayas was assigned to Hanuman.

He encountered the sage Yaaku on the mountaintop while discovering the Himalayas. Sitting atop the mountain, Hanuman dispelled any bookings he had regarding the herb. The mount lost half of its size after being unable to support his weight. Upon gathering sufficient knowledge of the herb, he assured Yaaku that they would meet when returning to Lanka.

He wasted a lot of his time fighting a demon called “Kalnemi” who was trying to trick him on the way back. He decided to take the quickest way rather than meet Sage to arrive in Lanka on time. The sage was so disappointed that he considered going to see him in person and explaining why he broke the commitment.

An idol of Hanuman lies on the hill by itself as he departs. Yaaku erected a temple there in remembrance of the Lord’s presence. The monkeys that play around the shrine are thought to be the progeny of Lord Hanuman, and it is still believed that the temple has the footprints of the deity.

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Things to do in Jakhoo Temple

Besides its religious significance, Jakhoo Temple also keeps its tourists occupied with many exciting things to do in Shimla. Here are listed the top 6 places to visit in and around the temple –

  • Alpine trees, snow-capped Himalayan mountains, and the evergreen valley surround Jakhoo Hill. It is a favorite escape for visitors wanting to unwind away from city life.
  • Lakkar Bazaar is widely known as the famous shopping street of Shimla. It is an old wooden market from where you can bring some wooden handicrafts back home.
  • Sky Jumper Trampoline Park has an unparalleled experience with your family and kids.
  • The Ridge is an ideal place for tourists to spend some leisure evenings. This lets you breathe in the fresh air while you click some pictures on your Shimla sightseeing tour.
  • Christ Church is best for all those who are looking for a perfect blend of peace and spirituality. It is ideal for history lovers and archaeological fanatics.
  • Kali Bari Temple was built in 1845. It is one of the oldest temples of Goddess Kali and is a heaven for nature lovers. Witness the stunning landscapes in your free time and relish great food.

Temple Timings & Entry Fee

There’s no entry fee to visit Jakhoo Temple in Shimla. It is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.


Jakhoo temple in Shimla tourism is a sacred haven with a rich history and cultural significance. Its serene ambiance, stunning views, and spiritual aura make it a must-visit place in the hill station. The temple’s flexible timings, historical allure, and the spiritual experience of aarti contribute to its charm. Jakhoo Temple stands as a testament to Shimla’s cultural and spiritual legacy.

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