Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada – A Royal Cannotph.

Jaswant Thada is also known as the royal Cenotaphs of Jodhpur. It is a splendid marble Cenotaphs that is also a Mausoleum for the Marwar Kings considered to be the best landmark of Jodhpur due to its architectural qualities. The milky white marble used inside it increases the beauty of the Cenotaphs. Jaswant Thada has also become a well-equipped tourist spot as it gives a beautiful picture of the Mehrangarh Fort. Jaswant Thada is the one among the other tourist places which is uniquely known for its artistic wonders and its quality. The Cenotaphs is also known as the ‘Taj Mahal’ of Marwar which has been built in the honour of Maharaja Jaswant Singh in the year 1999 and was decorated by the precious and intricate carved marble.

A glorious Landmark

It is a glorious landmark which is to be seen by one and all. This Cenotaphs has an elegantly maintained Garden which is highly explored by the Travellers along with the monument. The intricate artistry on the carved marbles are also one of the best example of Rajputana Glory the thin sheets of Marbles which are very skillfully carved during the ancient times the marbles are also given a touch of red thin steps leading up to the monuments. The architecture of the Cenotaphs is quite appreciating the entire structure of Jaswant Thada resembles the temple with an unmatched beauty. Jaswant Thada is embedded with a very admirable Outlook which gives a mighty majestic picturesque view of the magnolious Fort.

A Piece of Craftsmanship.

The Mahal also consists of many paintings and many more portraits of kings of Rathore dynasty and also the paintings of the rulers of Mewar which adds glory to this place. The hidden Amidst lush green trees bring the beauty to the monument. Jaswant Thada is a monument which a tourist never want to miss while they are in the suncity. The pure white marble of the Cenotaphs still retains all of its allure.

Attraction to many Tourists.

The amazing and lovable part of the Cenotaphs which attracts the tourist their towards Jaswant Thada is the appearance of local musicians and folk singers there who sits on the steps of the monument to greet the visitors in a very honourable way with some of the authentic Rajasthani melodious folk songs the monument is hence one of the best artistic wonders which one can witness in the glorious ‘Blue City’ hence the memorials which are beautifully built inside the monument are artistically decorated with some great artwork and shows the glimpses of history of whom they are dedicated to.

An Epitome of Architecture.

Pillars and arches in the monument are embellished with some delicate carvings the best thing about the building is that the entire building has been built in the traditional Rajasthani style the domes in the monuments are inspired by the most lovable Mughal architecture as it is the best example of how the Rajput rulers have moulded the Mughal patterns in their construction. Also the view of Umaid Bhawan Palace from the Mausoleum is so attractive that no tourist should miss it out.

Location, Timings, Entry.

Beautiful Cenotaphs is located at Lawaran, Jodhpur. Timings of the Cenotaphs are 9 am to 6 pm. Only 15 rupees per person are as an entry fee.

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