Mehrangarh Fort

History Of Mehrangarh

Mehrangarh, a celebrated architecture built by Rao jodha undoubtedly it is considered to be one of the best tourist place in the town as it has been highly explored by the tourist visiting there Mehrangarh Fort is best known for it architectural qualities this monarchical domicile earlier was considered to be one of the most magnificent palaces in this city and is now molded into a museum which depicts the richness of the culture and heritage of the Jodhpur city Mehrangarh is one among the largest Fort in the country and also harbour several mails inside it. Mehrangarh is located 410 10 feet (125 )metre about the city and is encircled by impressive thick walls .There are several places inside the Fort which are basically known for their intricate carvings expensive courtyards and its architectural brilliance Imprints of the impact of the Cannon balls which were fired by the attacking armies of Jaipur which are still visible on the second Gate.Towards the left side of the fort there is a Chhatri of Kirat Singh soda a soldier who fell on this spot while he was defending Mehrangarh. The architectural and magnificent appearance of the fort is more than enough to indulge the tourist that visit there in the glory of the museum.

View from the fort

The fort gives a majestic view of the Blue city. Mehrangarh is a symbol of the glorious princely era of Rajasthan and the rich culture of Jodhpur City with the help of Rao, foundation of the magnificent fort was being divided on 12th May 1459 the Majestic Fort include seven Gates within it named Jai Pol,Fateh Pol,Dedh Kamga Pol and Loha Pol is considered to be the the final gate. To the left of the Pol there are the hand prints of the the queens who burnt themselves on funeral pyre.

Mighty Mehrangarh – A historical fact

The palaces located inside the walls of the fort have their own separate identities with intricate Rajasthani carvings,design and architecture there are two ancient temples which are situated in the fort since the early Rajputana period named Chamunda Mataji temple and Nagnechi Ji Temple which have their own tales behind it.The Museum inside the Fort has a large number of relics and ancient artefacts and art deco that has not only being originated from the Royal habitation of Rajasthan but also being arrived from the Mughal dynasty culture the museum also has a vast collection of painting costumes carved rooms and artefacts the royal family resided there the harmonious music or traditional folk song are being played by the musicians at the entrance which gives the charming glamour the tourist.

Zippling activity – A way of Amusement.

The most enjoyable experience to explore there in the Mehrangarh Fort is the zippling activity which is known as flying Fox many tourist there make themselves indulge in the activity at the location There are also several Mahal inside the Fort which are named as Sheesh Mahal that is Mirror hall,Moti Mahal,Phool Mahal, zenani deodi which are termed as women quarters made of sandstone.

Tradition and custom.

People wearing traditional Rajasthani costumes usually performs at the fort where they represents the authentic culture of our elegant Rajasthan by playing instruments and singing the melodious folk songs the city looks unbelievably wonderful from the fort . Fort also comes alive with the festival which provide the stage to many talents across the world and also welcome the tourist from all over the world. Basically no tourist list ends or starts without mentioning the Mighty Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur.

Location,Timings,Entry fee.

Mehrangarh fort is located on the fort, Paota Jodhpur. The entry charged from per person is 60 rupees.One can enjoy the fort during 9 5 p.m

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