Mesmerizing Heritage and Beauty of Jaipur

If you are planning a one-day Rajasthan tour then it would be advisable to prepare your itinerary before going to that place.

Being the King’s Land, it has many things to offer in Rajasthan, it would be difficult to explore the real beauty without a pre-plan. There are many places like Historical forts, desert activities, massive palaces, rich culture & art of the Rajasthan that will capture your heart. The beauty of Rajasthan is beyond the imagination, Rajasthan is the major part of the Golden Triangle tour & hence it is the must-visit list of every tourist. You can apart from rich historical forts and palaces, exploring the cities of Rajasthan that could be so much fun.

You can explore the beauty of The Land of Kings and with friends, you can double the excitement. Hence, for your one-day tour to the Rajasthan. While planning for the Rajasthan day tours, there are multiple cities you can explore.

You can enjoy the Jaipur day tour, Agra day tour, Jaisalmer day tour, Udaipur day tour and many more other options!!!!

Let us start with the Jaipur Day Tour, Jaipur is the Pink City is on the top priority of the Rajasthan itinerary list of every tourist, if they are with friends the excitement rises exponentially to the next level. Jaipur is a charismatic city that provides a range of unique and historical attractions. Jaipur requires 2-3 days to fully explore the city. Even one day is not less to visit the most popular tourist attractions.

The following itinerary will help you to explore the best sections of this pink city. Jaipur follows a block layout so that it is easy to navigate in and around the city. To get the maximum out of your one-day Rajasthan tour then we have divided the Jaipur Day Tour itinerary into two parts. The first section will cover almost all the tourist destination of the city Centre. It includes City Palace, Hawa Mahal and while in the second section, we will talk about the massive forts such as Amer Fort & Jal Mahal.

Travellers or Tourists can embark on your mesmerizing one-day tour to the Jaipur!

The home of Maharaja is a massive palace situated in the city Centre. Apart from Maharaj’s home, it houses grand staterooms, interesting museums and ornamented gates. You can witness a wide range of historical articles which are preserved in the museums. You can royally consume, armoury or antique items, it has them all!

jaipur-jantar-mantarWhile exploring the palace, if you crave good food, you can hop to one of the famous restaurants within the palace i.e. Baradari. Apart from offering mouth-watering cuisines then it also offers you a spectacular view. The exploration of the massive palace may take 1-2 hours in all. This multi-windowed structure is one of the must-visit places in Jaipur. The Palace of winds was built for the Maharanis’ to spy on daily life without been seen by the commoners. It does not take much to explore Hawa Mahal, as only the exterior is worthier.

You can start the exploration of our second section.

City Palace

Palace architecture in the Rajasthan is simple in design, elaborate in execution and magnificent in appearance. The City Palace complex is an integral part of the walled city as it is a fine example of this pattern. It is a sprawling enclosure with many courtyards, gateways and gardens.

The former maharaja and his family occupy a part of the City Palace. Enter from Atish Pol and you can go on to Mubarak Mahal which has an exquisitely decorated marble and sandstone exterior. It is designed by Sir Swinton Jacob; it was originally a royal guesthouse that was turned into the Mahakama Khas or Royal Secretariat. It is now the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum which is one of the finest museums in the city with a display of costumes, weapons, miniature paintings, rare manuscripts and other historical memorabilia.

One-part houses are the Toshakhana or the royal wardrobe section. The other part is the Pothikhana or the manuscript section. It is North of the Mubarak Mahal is the Sileh Khana believed to have been part of the Department of Music and Dance. It is now housing for an armoury. It is located on a raised platform in the inner courtyard is the Diwan-e-Khas, a simple structure where an impression of intricate design that has been created by the clever use of pink and white colour on its walls. It is a large, pillared hall with rows of elegant marble pillars and arches which was used during ceremonies. The highlights here are the two silver water containers and it is the largest in the world as mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Diwan-e-Aam is the hall of public audience, is an enclosed area where durbars and ceremonies were held. It was built by the Sawai Pratap Singh, this huge hall has the painted walls, cut-glass chandeliers and massive marble pillars. It houses the king’s collection of miniature paintings, manuscripts and carpets. The Pritam Niwas Chowk is an enclosed courtyard where dance performances were held. It was built by Pratap Singh, its four beautifully painted gateways represent the four seasons.


We have shared the best 2 places I liked during my visit to Jaipur, you can also enjoy these places and love them in the pink city Jaipur. You can enjoy other places also.


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