Reveal the beauty of Mount Abu in Summer Vacations in Rajasthan!

A charming hill station amidst the Aravalli ranges in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station in the desert state and adjoins the Gujarat border. Settle at a height of 1220 meters, Mount Abu attracts tourists from across the globe. Its breathtaking surroundings of lush green valleys and majestic mountains. However, both Rajasthan and Gujarat experience high temperature and warm atmosphere during summer, Mount Abu remain very cool. Thus, it is one of the most preferred tourist attractions for those planning a summer escape away from the hot sunny climate. So, one can plan their holidays to Mount Abu in summer and enjoy their great time.

There’s a lot to experience and enjoy in Mount Abu Tour such as boating, hiking, and much more whilst enjoying the charming climate. In winter and monsoon seasons, it expects extremely cold weather which is why it is best to plan a peaceful escape during summers. Here’s a guide to help you understand how visiting Mount Abu in Summer is best!

Climate in Summer Season –

This hill station during the summer months (April to June) enjoys a really warm and soothing climate. In this season, the temperature ranges from a minimum of 230c to a maximum of 330c. The days and nights are moderately cool and allow you to roam around the city in comfort.

What’s best to do in Mount Abu in Summer?

1. Enjoy paddling in Nakki Lake –

Nakki Lake is absolutely a tranquil lake in Mount Abu. The lake invites innumerable visitors to row a boat there. In the heart of the hill station lies a beautiful lake that enhances the enriched beauty of the city. Every day over hundreds of tourists visits here to row a boat and spend their quality time. The lake is stunningly complemented by the beauty of lush hills and forests in its huge water body. Along with this, you can also go horse riding by the lakeside.

2. Indulge in wildlife safari at Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary –

The famous Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to exotic wildlife and bird species. It is one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu Sightseeing in summer. The vast coverage of 290 sq kilometers is an ideal refuge for endangered animal species and birds. You can spot over 250 species of birds and animals such as sloth bears, wolves, hyenas, leopards, jungle cats, wild boars, etc. Also, you can try out thrilling jungle hiking at this wildlife sanctuary.

3. Go hiking up to the hills –

Take an enchanting trail in Nakki Lake and feel the cool and calming beauty of this place. You can enjoy trekking or hike along the lanes of this beautiful trail that allows you to discover the underlying beauty of Mount Abu. It is around 2 km of long trail known as Bailey’s Walk which connects Nakki Lake and Sunset Point. When planning your holidays in this beautiful hill station, you cannot miss out on this adventurous walk. You will notice many wild animals like sloth bears and leopards in their natural habitat.

Places to stay in Mount Abu –

1. Hotel Toppers Corner –

One of the best hotels in Mount Abu, Toppers Corner is a far more different and unique place to stay. The rooms contain all the basic amenities, comfortable bedding, clean curtains, and more. There’s also a vibrant garden at the hotel where you can sit and relax after a tiring day at sightseeing. Make yourself feel comfortable at this beautiful hotel!

2. Hotel Hillock –

Situated close to Lake Nakki, this place allows you to witness the charming beauty of Mount Abu from the comfort of your rooms. All the rooms are equipped with all basic amenities as well as a luxurious bath. You can enjoy your great time sitting peacefully in the room and enjoy the view outside. An amazing restaurant and bar serve delectable food and drinks along with great music.

3. WelcomHeritage Connaught House –

Located at walking distance from Abuhiru village, WelcomHeritage Connaught House is designed as a charming British country house. In the shady and lush green lawns of Mount Abu, this place seems to be a perfect accommodation option to choose from. As the climate in summer remains pleasant, you can enjoy an amazing stay here.

Tips for planning holidays in Mount Abu in Summer –

  1. Choose Car Rental Mount Abu services so that you can enjoy your journey without any hassle.
  2. Pack summer clothes and just to be on a safer side, carry a woolen or coat in case it gets colder there.
  3. Pre-book your hotel in advance because Mount Abu receives the highest tourist crowd during the summer season.
  4. Book a chauffeur-driven car rental, so that you can explore the best of the city in a comfortable way.
  5. Plan at least for 2 days Mount Abu tour to enjoy your holiday break completely.

Conclusion –

Mount Abu is very popular among honeymooners, nature lovers, and every type of explorer. Amidst the lush green valleys, beautiful mountains, you can relax and rejuvenate in nature’s delight. So get ready for an exciting and calming journey when you plan your Rajasthan Tour Package with a visit to the charming city of Mount Abu in the summer.

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