Rai Ka Bagh Palace

Rai ka bagh palace

The entry to the palace is completely free.The Palace represents or is a symbol for the architectural brilliance in all over India while the place is built by the Rajput which have small rooms and touch of very simple design. The influence of Mughal Art and architecture can be easily seen and it also lead to the construction of richly decorated large edifices like Diwane-i-Aam, Diwane-e-Khas, Jharokas which are the decorative Windows with beautiful gardens fountains and Ponds inside it.

Uniqueness of the Palace.

Almost every place has its own unique beauty but there are some places that stand out for the enduring beauty of there frescoes, fine stone carving and their ornamentation among them Rai Ka Bagh is the palace which also tops the list of the tourist who visit the town.The palace has been noted as the best attraction in the Jodhpur city. It is one among the oldest palaces which is comparatively as beautiful as the other ones and represents the architectural Splendor by the beautifully Dome style architecture and marble furnished rooms.

Usage of Palace.

Once the palace was also used as the venue for the sermons of Swami Dayanand Saraswati now the palace has been converted into an income tax office this is a place which provides very great Passage to walk around in the evening and has become a great spot for sightseeing as it’s very easy to reach the Palace as it has been located near the railway station.

Location,Timings,Entry fee.

Rai Ka Bagh Palace has been located in the old Jodhpur city it is an another tourist spot which indulges the tourist and its beauty as it has been noticed that this magnificent Palace has attracted several tourist per year Rai Ka Bagh Palace remains open for 24 hours.

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