Sardar Market

Sardar Market – A Hustling Market.

Sardar Market is considered to be the main shopping area located in Nai Sadak which is lined with beautiful attractive sarees shoes which leads straight into the market.A Hustling market there are a variety of shops overloaded with the number of attractive and beautiful things.This is the business sector in Jodhpur which exhibits the variety of products like artificial antiquities,wooden handworks high quality papers,bandhej sarees,statues,Marbles Metal furnitures,models,silver gems,beautiful compositions of the Rajasthani floor coverings.The market is completely surrounded by many tourists thousands of people come and buy variety of Rajasthani things one can easily spend a good hour at the market by chatting with owner of the shops.

A Prime attraction of the City.

There are many shopping hubs in Jodhpur but Sardar market is the one which is more popular and has a large variety of all the items. Tourist visiting here gets filled with the pleasant environment of the market.Although the market is full of bustling sounds but with its quality and variety in every product makes the market unique in itself and also represents Rajasthani culture, Popular soveneirs w there include many things like Beautiful bandhej sarees with the touch of Banarasi pattern or being prepared by a Tie and Dye method. Mojadi They are also known as Jooties which have a pointed front some of them are also decorated by beautiful Rajasthani motifs, Handicrafts- wooden Handicrafts are also available in a very large quantity with the special designs and stone work done on them the polish with which they are being polished is very fine due to this they give a beautiful look and attract many people towards it.The handicraft industry is the booming industry in Jodhpur. Textile in textiles better pieces of rugs,scarf,duvet covers,runners etc are available mostly in every shops which are being decorated with beautiful designs.

Shopping Paradise for Shopaholics.

Sardar Market is in Esteemable and valuable market we can also call it as a ‘Shopping Paradise’ of Jodhpur it is a very delightful market for the Shoppers. Once you get in the Bazaar shopping becomes very tempting as it has a very wide choice of various things like Handicrafts,textile and other accessories etc.

A lively Local Market

As the items present in the market are not imported from any other part of the country but all the products are produced in the place in and around Jodhpur. Sardar Market has a lot of features which adds importance to the market and increase its value.Apart from this one who is shopaholic would love to roam in the market.The speciality of a market is that it is not only a place to buy but can can also have look on the artisans work.


The market is located at Sardar Market,Paan Gali,Jodhpur.The market remains open from 7.30am to 9.00pm. There is no entry fee charged.

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