Jawai Bandh Rajasthan: An Emerging Tourist Place In Rajasthan Tourism 2021

Rajasthan’s most emerging tourist place, Jawai Bandh is getting fame in the tourism of Rajasthan in 2021. This heavenly place draws the attention of many tourists from across the globe to see its natural beauty. Jawai Dam Rajasthan is now a hot-favorite travel destination for enjoying a leopard safari. Settled amidst the Jawai River in the most rugged and wild part of the Aravalli hills in Pali, Rajsamand, and Udaipur cities of Rajasthan. The dam offers spectacular vistas where you can enjoy a weekend or short getaway from Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, or any place in Rajasthan. This is a real paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts who can plan their Rajasthan Leopard Safari Tour Package. For the past few years, Jawai dam’s popularity has been boasting rapidly that also attracts domestic as well as international tourists in the city.

Jawai Bandh in Sumerpur Pali –

The construction of the Jawai Dam was begun on 12 May 1946 by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur that took almost 11 years to complete the project. A beautiful place located near the Sumerpur town in Pali District of Rajasthan, Jawai Bandh is a habitat for many fauna and bird species. It resides leopards, crocodiles, birds, and several other animals offering a wonderful wildlife retreat in the city. Jawai River is a tributary to the Luni River. The dam is considered the largest one in western Rajasthan and provides water supply to Jodhpur with some other parts of the Pali district. The village is inhabited by the Rabari tribe of Rajasthan. It is a place offering multiple experiences to nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Things to do in Jawai Bandh –

With plenty of amazing activities to enjoy in Jawai, travelers can plan their break amidst the wilderness and serene natural surroundings of this place. Some of the most amazing things to do in Jawai Bandh include –

  1. Go on a Leopard Sighting Tour by Jeep safari
  2. Watch exotic birds around Jawai Dam
  3. Spot bird species on a wildlife safari
  4. Worship religious temples and visit Granite Hills
  5. Enjoy a village tour in Jawai Villages
  6. Relaxing stay in natural surroundings at the best resort in Jawai
  7. Meet the Rabari Tribe to understand their cultural living
  8. Witness sunset or sunrise view at Bera River

Leopard Safari in Jawai –

Jawai has now become a prominent wildlife destination for enjoying a leopard safari in Rajasthan. It resides a good population of leopards at Jawai Bandh with approximately 50 to 60 no. of big cats roaming around the place leisurely. The sprawling land of this place is considered a safe haven for the leopards. The Rabari trip of Jawai considers these big cats as the guards of their local deity. The dam is widely famous for an easy leopard sighting opportunity as these wild cats can be frequently sighted over the rocks in search of food. Wildlife enthusiasts often plan their weekend getaway by Jaipur to Pali Taxi to visit this place and enjoy the thrilling adventures of the leopard safari.

Ideal time to plan Leopard Safari trip to Jawai –

Enjoying a jeep safari ride through the rugged terrains of Jawai Bandh gives you an opportunity to spot leopards in the morning and night. Since leopards are nocturnal animals, they can be easily sighted at night jeep safari. Visitors can avail an opportunity to see them in a night leopard safari conducted by experts who will be your safari guide ensuring a completely safe journey. Even the night leopard safari tour has higher chances of sighting leopards at Jawai Bandh.

Safari timings:

  1. In Summer: Morning 5 am to 8 am; Evening 5 pm to 8 pm
  2. In Winters: Morning 6 am to 9 am; Evening 4 pm to 7 pm

Birding in Jawai Bandh –

The heavenly surroundings of Jawai Bandh are home to a large number of animals apart from the leopards. If you are someone looking for an ideal place to visit in Rajasthan for bird photography, then Jawai is a perfect place to go. One can easily spot white fox, sloth bear, jungle cat, nilgai, crocodile, and hyena migrate around the beautiful land of Jawai. You can find more than 100 species of migratory birds including spot bill duck, demmossile, knob-billed duck, common eastern crane, bar-headed geese, sarus cranes, etc. For getting the best experience of bird watching in Jawai Bandh, you can plan a visit during October and March which are the ideal months to enjoy bird watching.

How to reach there?

Reaching Jawai is quite easy and hassle-free where you can reach by using all modes of transportation through road, rail, or air.

By air: The nearest airport to Jawai is in Udaipur which is around 150 kilometers away. Once you reach the city of the lake, you can hire Udaipur Outstation Cab and travel around hassle-free. Besides, there are many other airports in close proximity to Jawai located in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ahmedabad.

By rail: Majorly there are three railway stations near Jawai that are well-connected to all major places in India. The nearest one is located in Mori Bera which is around 4 kilometers away. Regular trains to Jawai are available from the major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

By road: A well-connected road network of Jawai makes it easily accessible to the major cities of Rajasthan. Many national highways like NH27, 58, and 62 connect Jawai to many tourist places across the state. You can either choose to travel by bus or hire a car rental in Rajasthan to travel comfortably by road.

Distances from Major Cities of Rajasthan –

  1. Sumerpur is just 24 kilometers away from Jawai
  2. Mount Abu to Jawai requires 94 kilometers of the journey
  3. Ahmedabad is approximately 280 kilometers from Jawai
  4. Jaipur is at 396 kilometers of distance
  5. Udaipur to Jawai is 136 kilometers of distance
  6. Jodhpur is 165 kilometers away
  7. Kumbhalgarh to Jawai requires a short drive of 86 kilometers
  8. Delhi is 661 kilometers away
  9. Mumbai is at a distance of 801 kilometers

After knowing so much interesting things about Jawai Bandh Rajasthan, hopefully, this place piqued your interest. You can plan your Rajasthan Wildlife Tour that includes an adventurous leopard safari in Jawai. This place ensures you complete relaxation, so plan your next holiday with family or friends in Jawai and enjoy your memorable time amidst nature.

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