Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden – Masterpiece of Architecture.

Mandore Garden is one of the greatest contribution of Rajasthan’s art and architecture basically it is famous for its wide green expanses and Royal cannotophs. A huge temple is the highlight of the food outer walls of the temple depicts finally carved Botanical designs,beautifully carved designs of birds,animals and plants.The art of garden building which Babur brought with him to India led to the addition of new characteristic to the local art the waterfalls along the Pathways,raised beds, terraces on sloping Grounds and inner walls, delightful flowers and many more from the parts of Royal Mandore Garden.

Glimpses of the Mighty Garden.

Mandore is an ancient town and just 9 kilometre away from the Jodhpur city which was once the ruling seat of gurjara pratihara dynasty.Mandore has a history even before the establishment of Jodhpur it is a Masterpiece of great architecture and has accommodated great traditional values which indulges with tourist in its own scenic beauty it represents a very pure and charming form of beautiful carvings and provides a glimpses of the rajputana history to the tourist place.The garden is also well known for its flora and architectural Heritage basically Mandore was the capital of pratiharas later the old capital was shifted to the Mehrangarh Fort due to some of the security issues you can still find the remainants of the Ancient capital there.

Two monumental structures.

Mandore Garden accommodates a Museum”Hall of Heroes” which Honours the folk heroes and popular Rajputs of the Reigns and has 16 figures of the warrior which is carved from a single rock and also a Temple which is dedicated to 33 crore Gods Mandore is the town which is considered to be the prettiest town much near to the Thar Desert the garden is a major attraction in Jodhpur which depicts the royalty of Rajputana era which is embedded in the city and speaks the richness and cultural heritage that is embedded within theMagnificent ‘Blue city’.

As pretty As a Picture.

This is the place which very finely depict the Majestic culture and shows the glimpses of the history and reminds the importance of the ancient History.The garden tops the list of the Tourist visiting their while it is one of the biggest attraction among the travellers while visiting to the ‘Sun City’ The wonderful domes and glorious structures constructed within the premises of the Garden are the most lovable part by the tourist .The cluster of red buildings which are very beautiful are surrounded by lush Green trees which is bound to bring the photographer inside you.The canotaphs are just the first among the many wonders of the Gardens. Mandore Garden provides beautiful Pathways to roam around in the evening which gives soothing effect to your heart.


The majestic is located at Mandore road.The timings to enjoy the beauty of the garden is from 9am to 10pm. Entry charges to the garden are just only 50 rupees per person.

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