10 Best Temples In Rajasthan To Set Off On A Spiritual Journey

Rajasthan has something for every traveler which makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in India that keeps pulling tourists back to it. The entire state of Rajasthan appears like one magical vessel, which brings you a lot of surprises to you from every corner. Alleys and bylanes give way to massive courtyards and before you know it, pop out a majestic havelis from the middle of nowhere! Apart from many beautiful forts, palaces, and Havelis, there are several ancient temples which embellish the state. Most of these temples were built during the reigns of kings and have religious importance years ago. Explore 10 Best Temples in Rajasthan to set off on a spiritual journey with family and friends.

Birla Mandir, Jaipur –

Just like most other cities of India, Jaipur also features the famous Birla Mandir which is one of the most visited temples in Rajasthan. Well-known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Birla Mandir enjoys a noticeable presence in the skyline. It gracefully wears a refreshed look at all times due to the beautiful white marble structure. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his companion Goddess Laxmi who is believed to bring fortune and good luck in Hinduism.

Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner –

One of the most popular temples in Rajasthan, Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner is dedicated to Goddess Mata Karni, considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the 20th century which showcases the splendid Mughal architectural style. The temple is famously known as Rat Temple because rats are accorded the highest respect in this religious shrine.

Brahma Temple, Pushkar –

The most important religious tourist place in Rajasthan is Brahma Temple in Pushkar.  The temple is believed to have been built around 2000 years ago and is dedicated to Lord Brahma, the god of creation in Hinduism. However, Pushkar has about 500 temples; the Brahma Temple is the most important one of them. The holy shrine holds a special significance in the minds of the devotees. It is a major tourist attraction of Pushkar Sightseeing Tour in Rajasthan.

Salasar Balaji Temple, Churu –

The temple tour of Rajasthan lets you explore the famous Salasar Balaji Temple in Churu District. The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is often visited by a large number of devotees all round the year through Jaipur to Salasar Balaji Cab. The number of pilgrims increases especially during the occasion of Chaitra Purnima and Ashvin Purnima. The main deity of the temple is a childhood idol of Lord Hanuman.

Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur –

Located almost 90 kilometers from the city of Udaipur, Ranakpur Jain Temple is a marvelous sight to come across. It spreads to an area of 48,000 sq ft with its architecture being a brilliant amalgamation of size and artistic. The temple complex stands on 1444 intricately carved pillars and 24 pillared halls which are topped by 80 domes supported by 400 columns. Some of the temples which surround this temple are Chaumukha Temple, Amba Mata Temple, Parshvanath Temple, and Surya Temple.

Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Pali –

One of the most visited places during the Rajasthan Temple Tour is Parshuram Mahadev Temple in Pali district. The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva which is located at the border of Pali and Rajsamand District. The temple occupies a special attention of Hindu devotees and travel enthusiasts. As you enter the temple, you will come across the idols of Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva.

Galtaji Temple, Jaipur –

Of many religious shrines in Rajasthan, Galtaji Temple is a Hindu Temple is a major pilgrimage site located around 10 kilometers from the main city of Jaipur. Resting on the courtyards, the temple premises and everywhere else, the monkeys are omnipresent here. The temple stands today were built by the courtier of Sawai Jai Singh II, Diwan Rao Kriparam in the 16th century. The temple is built of pink sandstone by other features like painted walls, carved pillars, and roofs.

Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer –

Sometimes certain events reinforce our belief in the supernatural and even a sceptic is forced to acknowledge the existence of the Supreme Power that is what we call God. Tanot Mata Temple is located about 120 kilometers from Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour which is the finest example of that. The temple is located in the close proximity to Longewala on the India-Pakistan border. The temple is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Hinglaj.

Rani Sati Temple, Jhunjhunu –

Till yet, people of Rajasthan narrate the story of Rani Sati also known as Dadi Ji. Located in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, Rani Sati Temple is dedicated to her heroism and bravery. Rani Sati committed self-immolation after her husband’s death, proving her unflinching devotion to him. The most notable feature of the temple is the absence of any statues of either male or female gods. There are many small temples along with 12 smaller sati temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, and Lord Ganesha.

Neelkanth Temple, Alwar –

Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Neelkanth Temple lies close to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. It is one of the top places to visit in Rajasthan. The temple is rugged, steep, and rough, but what awaits you after it is worth the effort. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva which is built in a north Indian style of architecture.

Visiting 10 best temples in Rajasthan to set off a spiritual journey with family or friends lets you experience the religious significance it has. So, whenever you plan Rajasthan Tour Package with family, consider a visit to these above listed temples in your travel plan and enjoy the most of your journey.

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