Top Things to do in Bundi That Will Level up your Holidays

Looking for an escape from routine life? Well, then what’s better than going on a holiday break in the peaceful town of Bundi in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan. Have you ever thought of unveiling the magic of the small, rustic town of Bundi? Now is the time to gear up with exciting moods to leave for a mind-blowing vacation trip. No wonder this small town is featured with so much interesting and exhilarating things that leave everyone awestruck. From grand palaces to majestic forts, historic baoris, and impressive architecture, all that you seek for a holiday retreat is right here in Bundi. Twining your Bundi Sightseeing in Rajasthan Tour Package with these below-listed things will definitely level up your holidays. So, check out these before planning an itinerary because it has enough to keep you occupied for a couple of days.

01: Appreciate Miniature Art –

Bundi is greatly known for its own style of Rajasthani miniature paintings. These feature some rich colors and predominantly depict scenes of royal celebration and routine life. Many of the paintings can be seen gracing the walls of a 17th century-old Garh Palace and 18th-century old Chitrashala building. Chitrashala is truly an impressive palace built by Maharaja Rao Ummed Singh of Bikaner.

02: Discover the historic ruins –

Mornings can be more energetic with an amazing hiking trail of 20 mins uphill to Bundi’s ancient Taragarh Fort. Famously known as the “Star Fort”, the marvelous attraction is located on the steep hill presenting breathtaking views of the entire city. It is absolutely an amazing place to take a step back in the medieval era. Take a holy visit to Shiva Temple far across some innumerable ruins.

03: Applaud the ancient Stepwell –

Bundi is all known for its historic stepwells which serve as its trademark feature. The purpose behind its foundation was harvesting rainwater to meet the water needs of locals or nomads. Around 50 stepwells are there across the town and Raniji ki Baori stands to be the most spectacular attraction. The stepwell holds some stone pillars with impressive carvings of elephants and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

04: Live the royals living –

The beautiful town of Bundi owns countless heritage properties that are today the prominent heritage hotels. Sojourn in one of them is the best way to encounter the town’s enriched beauty. With plenty of hotels in Bundi, you can book your stay according to your budget. Dev Niwas, Hotel Bundi Haveli, Haveli Braj Bhushanjee, etc are some of the best ones to stay here.

05: Relax beside the lake –

Many former Bundi rulers also made several lakes along with step wells to cater to the town’s water need. This lake gives ultimate pleasure by taking a sunset walk around it. Jait Sagar is a beautiful scenic lake with many small temples and the Aravalli Hills surrounding it. From April to October, this lake blooms out with vibrant lotus flowers making it a lovely paradise.

06: Mark your way to ancient cenotaphs –

On the other side of Jait Sagar Lake, there’s a memorial cenotaph of Bundi’s royal family standing amid an unkempt garden called Keshar Bagh. It was constructed during the 16th to 19th centuries and some showcase wonderfully intricate carvings on it. Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri is another 17th-century cenotaph having 84 pillars with interesting paintings on the walls.

07: Learn the Local Pottery Making –

Trying your hands on the local art of pottery making can give you the most unexpected perks of life. There are a couple of villages in the north of Bundi, Akoda, and Thikarda. You can make your way towards the villages and learn this interesting art. Interact with the locals and know about their way of living.

08: Attend the Monsoon Festival –

One of the top monsoon places to visit in India is Bundi. The reason behind it is partly because of its special Teej Festival celebration in August. Being a part of this can really be a refreshing retreat for you. This festival celebrates the holy reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Teej Festival is celebrated across the state with great zeal and enthusiasm, but in Bundi, it’s a way to live more the festivity.

09: Enjoy Bundi Utsav –

An annual cultural festival that takes place for 3 days in November is Bundi Utsav. The festival is organized to encourage tourism in the region. Many eclectic events take place during this time such as Kabaddi, horse & camel racing, an art or crafts fair, folk music and dance performance, etc.

10: Shop till you drop –

Bundi serves to be one of those places famous for shopping in Rajasthan. You can buy an amazing range of miniature paintings, cotton carpets, wood-carved items, metal wares, hand-painted stuff, and most importantly Kota Sarees. The main bazaar, Sadar bazaar, and Chaumaukh Bazaar are the best places to enjoy shopping in Bundi.

With all these amazing 10 things to do in Bundi, you can make your holidays worth spending in this peaceful town. Whenever you plan your journey in Rajasthan Tour, this deserves to be on your platter. If you are someone looking for a weekend getaway in Rajasthan, then Bundi is just a place for you. Moreover, you can also include Kota, Sawai Madhopur, Udaipur, or any other destinations in Rajasthan. Hopefully, your holidays in Bundi, Rajasthan will become a lifetime event with these above-listed things to do in Bundi.

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