Discover the painted wonderland of Rajasthan, Mandawa

In the heart of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan lies an impressive wonderland of Mandawa, well-known for its historic forts and Havelis. Mandawa is located in the Jhunjhunu district where you can admire ancient art. The colorful streets of the town and grand silk roads are a never-ending delight for travelers. As you walk through the paved archways of his small whimsical town, you’ll find yourself transported into the realm of royal palaces, forts, kings, and their mighty forces. It is a great place away from the claws of modern bustling cities on the Rajasthan Tour Package. It is an amazing art gallery preserved for years and decades.

Hub of Art and Culture –

Mandawa is a small town showcasing the finest examples of artistic excellence. The vibrant markets feature elegantly designed artifacts and handicrafts. The artwork reflects years of expertise of local artists and craftsmanship. The town is considered Asia’s largest open-art gallery because of the Poignant paintings and cravings that décor the walls of the Havelis. It is the epitome of traditional Rajasthani culture. The festivals are a colorful explosion of folk music, classical, dances, and culinary delights. Experience the hospitality that is in its roots which showcases the rich culture of this town.

People here are amicable and those residing in Havelis entices tourists for a tour around the city. Since the town is a popular tourist hotspot and most of the bilingual, who speaks Rajasthani and Hindi. You may get around to some local tourist attractions while enjoying a chauffeur-driven journey in our Car Rental Jaipur.

History –

The rich and interesting past of this town revolves around its majestic forts and royal havelis when the township flourishes. The town was used to be a vital trade outpost for the merchants traveling on the silk routes. Legends say that a commoner called Mandu Jaat found the small village. He went through digging a well in the hamlet which was later completed in 1797. It was then known as Mandu ki Dhani and later became “Manduwas” before finally naming Mandawa.

In the 18th century, it has become an important trading outpost for merchants and traders. To protect this outpost, Thakur Nawal Singh (then Rajput King of Nawalgarh and Mandawa) construct a majestic fort in 1755. The beauty and grandeur of the fort draw a major attraction for tourists from across the country.

Must-see tourist attractions –


Mandawa Fort –

Amid the Aravalli hills, the famous fort is a jewel of the city’s century-old history. It has been turned into a heritage hotel by the Rajasthan tourism department. The building shows impressive frescoes and an example of unique Rajasthani architecture to mesmerize you. Its mirror work on the interiors represents the grandeur of the fort.

Bansidhar Newatia Haveli –

In the early 20th century, Bansidhar Newatia Havelis was constructed. Today it is the most famous for its painting that depicts the art, culture, and technical departments of those days. Walking down the hallways, you will come across to painting giving it an ethereal charm and will give you a memorable experience.

Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli –

The haveli preserves the very essence of the Rajputana era that boasts of the creativity and originality of Rajput artisans of the 18th century. The moment you step inside the beautifully carved wooden gates gives you a peek through the mesh-framed window with architectural finesse. The haveli has unique paintings that adorn its walls.

Murmuria Haveli –

The haveli is a stunning example of 20th-century Rajput architecture offering the tale of Rajputana glory in its own way. The vibrant wall paintings will linger in your memories. Inside the Havelis, you can see the paintings made using warm colors and rustic shades.

The Harlalka Well –

The rugged and beautiful site is just a stone’s throw away from the Murmuria Haveli. It has four rustic minarets expressing an other-worldly charm. Amid the calm sound of water, you will enjoy some peaceful moments away from the crowded markets of Mandawa.

Mouth-watering tastes of the town –

The small town is a joy for foodies of every kind. Be it a food connoisseur or delicious sweets, you can savor many lip-smacking cuisines. Try out Besan Ke Gatte, Dal Batti Choorma, and Moong ka Halwa that lingers on your tongue. Enjoy the flavorsome street food while taking a tour of the town.

Engage yourself in Shopping delight –


The colorful bazaars of Mandawa are replete with things of artistic beauty. The town is well-known for its paintings and cloth inspired by the royal life of the forts and palaces. There’s a variety full of traditional Rajasthani handicrafts to buy here. From wooden furniture to designer glass bangles, you will find an aesthetically delightful collection.

Enjoy events and festivals –

During the month of January, you’ll witness the famous camel festival that takes place here. In this carnival, camels are adorned in a bridal and designer saddle and conduct a parade around the city. At the time of the Gangaur festival in July to August, you can see traditionally clad women taking out processions of Goddess Parvati. Other spectacular celebrations that take place in the city are Urs Fair, Nagaur Fair, and Holi Festival.

How to reach Mandawa?

By train – Dundlod Mukundgarh is the nearest railway station is around 17 km away. It is conveniently accessible from Jaipur, Delhi, Bikaner by train.
By road – The well-developed road network of Rajasthan state connects the town to nearby places like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, and Jaipur Car Rental.
By air – Jaipur International Airport is the largest airport nearest to the town which is about 178 km away. So, you can reach there and further hire a car in Jaipur to reach Mandawa.

Best time to visit –

Likewise, the other places in north India, Mandawa experiences an extremely hot climate during the summer season. Whilst, winters can be the chilly and pleasant atmosphere. During the monsoon season, the rainfall in Mandawa is expected to be between 45 to 60 cm. So, it’s best to plan your Mandawa trip during the months of October to March and enjoy your memorable time here.

Conclusion –

Any Rajasthan Tour is incomplete without planning a visit to this beautiful town of Mandawa. As this place reveals a lot about the history, art, and culture of Rajasthan, it makes a worth visiting the city. The majestic mansions and impressive Havelis are the real gems adorning the Rajputana crowns. The shopaholic, food-lover, art-fanatic, history buffs, everyone visiting the town have a lifetime experience while experiencing this treasure trove. So, while planning your next vacation in Rajasthan, come and explore the wonderful charm of Mandawa.

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