10 Most Exciting Things To Do In Bikaner

Rajasthan’s enormous landscape is enclosed with vibrant tourist sites offering several enchanting experiences for travel enthusiasts. Be it the hill forts of Jaipur or the wide stretch of golden sand dunes in Jaisalmer, each and every city of Rajasthan is well-known for its own purpose. Among those, Bikaner is a beautiful Camel Country that never disappoints anyone. Since visiting Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and Udaipur are lined as the mainstream, we recommend you to add Bikaner in your next Rajasthan tour itinerary. From the religious significance of the rat temple to the cultural camel festival, Bikaner is the city that surprises you at every step.

If you are wondering what to experience in Bikaner Travel Package, then here I am enlisting the 10 most exciting things to do in Bikaner on your next holiday trip.

  1. Attend the famous Camel Festival Annually

The special attraction of Bikaner city is the enchanting Camel Festival that takes place annually in the city. It offers the most exquisite experience – the Camel Festival is held every year in January. From decorative camels to an array of other exciting cultural events, there’s a lot to enjoy during this festival. Attending this festival gives a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

  1. Shop till you drop at Kote Gate

Almost every tourist city of Rajasthan offers a great collection of arts and artifacts, Bikaner also one of them. One such popular place to shop in Bikaner is Kote Gate where you can buy everything from camel articles to local handicrafts. Don’t forget to bargain for the best price of the product. You can go for a leisure stroll around the market lanes to buy art and craft items.

  1. Stroll around the majestic Junagarh Fort

Exploring Bikaner Tour remains incomplete without visiting Junagarh Fort which gives certainly the best travel experience in the city. Initially known as Chintamani Mahal, this old fortress has impeccable architecture highlighting the beautiful arts of the bygone era. Taking a tour of this castle will surely leave you spellbound.

  1. Worship Karni Mata Temple

The most popular Rat Temple of Rajasthan, Karni Mata Temple is home to more than 25000 rats. This Hindu Temple is one of the famous places to explore on the Rajasthan Temple Tour. It beholds an immense spiritual significance that makes for an intriguing sight for both locals and tourists as well. If you are traveling in Rajasthan with oldies in your group, then this shall be a place on your bucket list.

  1. Admire the splendor of the Lalgarh Palace

Out of many amazing things to do in Bikaner, traveling to Lalgarh Palace is a must-visit place. Its finest architectural design always amuses the viewers. The palace was initially built by the then Maharaja of Bikaner. You can also expect a world-class heritage stay in this beautiful palace wherein you can enjoy many luxurious experiences.

  1. Go on a camel safari in the Thar Desert

Among the famous Desert Cities of Rajasthan, Bikaner offers an adrenaline experience of camel safari in its wide expanse of the Thar Desert. You can enjoy a 1-hour camel safari tour in Bikaner by hopping on the back of the ship of desert. Also, capture the spectacular views of the sunset over the desert while riding on a camelback.  

  1. Savor the great taste of local delights

If you are in Rajasthan, then one thing that you must no miss is enjoying the great taste of local cuisines. Savoring the authentic taste of local cuisines is the best to treat your taste buds. Some of the must-try things to try in Bikaner are Kachoris, Dal Bati Choorma, Khata, Gatte ki Sabji, Pakodi, Raj bhog, Ghevar, Fini, etc.

  1. Stay in the Luxury Heritage Palace

Planning a stay in a 5-star hotel in Bikaner, the Laxmi Vilas Palace is the most luxurious place to stay in the city. It does not only offer a royalty-like experience but also provides its guests like a royal king or queen. Experience the hospitality and ambiance of this heritage hotel would definitely add some exciting moments to cherish.

  1. Plan a Wildlife excursion in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

In the city of Bikaner, there are endless things to do Bikaner but the best ones are few of which going on a wildlife safari at Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-do. With innumerable flora and fauna to spot, this ultimate sanctuary is located in the desert. It is a perfect place to visit for calming the wildlife and photographic enthusiast within you.

  1.   Enjoy family time in Water Park

There’s no denying fact that a Rajasthan Tour comes with a lot of sweat, especially if you are visiting Bikaner. Due to the scorching heat of the sun, it is a must to plan a relaxing visit to a water park. Nothing else could be better than beating the heat with a splash of water. So, you must plan a chill-out day in Skybird Water Park to make the most of your trip.

All these aforementioned 10 Most Exciting Things to do on a Bikaner trip will surely make your vacations impeccable. Here you can expect an amazing turn out to be the best vacation of your lifetime.

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