Fateh Sagar Lake

Lake Fateh Sagar is also known as FS and ‘Heart of Udaipur’. It is an artificial lake situated in Udaipur City. FS is one of the five main rivers of Udaipur and of course the main reason why people call Udaipur ‘City of Lakes’. FS is the centre attraction of Udaipur. It is so beautiful that not only tourists but locals also visit it on a daily basis. The place is always overcrowded as the entire city gather here at the time of the evening to enjoy the mesmerising view, boat rides, water waves, street food and the famous hot and cold coffee.

History of Fateh Sagar Lake

In 1687, Maharana Jai Singh constructed Fateh Sagar Lake but after two hundred years earthen bund destroyed the lake. Then again in 1889, Maharana Fateh Singh constructed ‘Connaught Dam’ on Lake Dewali to celebrate the visit of Queen Victoria’s son ‘Duke of Connaught’. This particular dam gave birth to Fateh Sagar Lake and it was named after the king’s middle name.

lake-fatehsagar-udaipur1Location and Surroundings of Lake Fatehsagar

Lake Fatehsagar is spread around three beautiful nature wonders- hills, water and flora. The combination of these surroundings makes the lake naturally beautiful, bewitching and captivating. The stillness of water ripples and placidity of nature adds feathers in its beauty. This soul-stirring effect of lakes makes it one of the best places to visit.

Things to do at Lake Fatehsagar

There is a lot that you can do on this lake. It’s a combination of so many entertaining things together in one place. Fatehsagar offers everything be it photography, food, or water fountains. Even sitting beside the water and sipping cold coffee is entertaining enough. And if you want to explore it more then go for a boat ride to witness the beauty of nature, water and Aravalli Hills. And if you want to do something adventures and thrilling then go for a motorboat ride or speed boat ride. Apart from this, the place has camel and horse ride. You can choose anything for your entertainment.

There is a public park over the lake, created for fun activities. And the boat-shaped restaurant, the sumptuous water fountains are the perfect locations for photography. Fatehsagar is also popular for its food and beverages. And how could someone forget the famous hot and cold coffee, it is the main highlight of the lake. Daily dozens of local citizens visit Fatehsagar just to have a cup of coffee. Believe us, sitting beside the water and sipping cold or hot coffee will be the best experience of your life. So if you are planning to visit Fatehsagar then don’t come back without having hot or cold coffee. It’s a must thing to do.


Places to Visit Near Lake Fatehsagar

Lake Fatehsagar is surrounded by so many magnificent places such as- Maharana Pratap Memorial or Moti Magri- This place is built on the upper side of the lake. It was constructed in the memory of brave Rajput King Maharana Pratap. It consists of a monument of the king and his loyal horse Chetak. It has a museum that showcases a huge collection of ancient costumes, weapons and some other items. Under the Sun- Under the Sun is one of the most substantial aquaria in India. You should visit it if you love exploring aquarium and water creatures. Apart from this, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Udaipur Solar Observatory, Nehru Park, Stone Dam are also some good places to visit.

Best Time to Visit Lake Fatehsagar

The time of sunset is the best time to visit Lake Fatehsagar as you can enjoy the enchanting view of the sunset and pleasant weather. The rainy season is the perfect season to visit the lake as the lake experiences overflow of water and there is a water fountain flowing beside the lake. It flows only in the rainy season and it is a sight to behold. Overall, Lake Fatehsagar is a must-visit place for nature lovers.

Lake Fatehsagar Entry Fee

There is no entry fee for visit lake –

Boat Ride Prices:

Regular Boat- 30 Rs per person

Motor Boat Ride- 100-200 Rs per person

Speed Boat Ride- 200-400 Rs per person

Moti Magri Entry Fee- 40 Rs per person, special discount for students.

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