Kaylana Lake

Kaylana lake – A Man-made destination.

Kaylana lake is one of the most beautiful amongst the artificial lake.It is well famous for sightseeing bird watching and sceneries. kaylana lake is to be considered as one of the most visited Lake.Every tourist in Jodhpur never forgets to explore this beautiful holiday destination.The lake is spread over a land of 84 square kilometres as the scenic beauty of this lake delights the heart of every tourist who indulges in its beauty as it is surrounded by the lush green trees and is also a home for some of the exotic species of birds.Bird watching their exites the tourist as it is one of the best activities one can engage itself at this beautiful location.

Construction of Majestic lake.

This man-made Lake was constructed by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1872 during the princely era of Jodhpur the adjoining area around the lake is completely equipped with wild bears and other animals.Kaylana lake was also one of the hunting ground for the Royal Rajputana family in the ancient time. Thiis region had palaces and Gardens which were constructed by the two rulers of Jodhpur that is Bheem Singh and Takhat Singh which were ruined to make kaylana lake.

Historical facts.

The lake is situated between the igneous rock land formation. Lake receives water from Hathi nehar which is further connected to the Indira Gandhi Canal while the city of Jodhpur and all the surrounding towns,villages generally depend on the kaylana lake as a source of water.The beautiful lake in the ‘Sun city’ is always surrounded by the Babool (Acacia) vegetation hence this makes the place much more charming, loving and pleasant it is definitely a worth visit in the Jodhpur city. Taking tour around lake is also one of the amazing part as the cool Breeze of the fresh air soothes your mind even the boating facilities are also available on the spot the Birdwatcher’s Paradise there give the best view of sunset and sunrise and explores the charm of the nature and the beauty of kaylana lake.

Kaylana – A Self-explanatory lake.

The Place is pretty enough and self-explanatory. The sunset view from the lake is undoubtedly a blissful experience splattered with shades of red pink, violets and yellow .Basically the sky resembles the work of an artist luckily various migratory birds like Siberian crane came here during the winter season the lake is considered to be the most prettiest visiting tourist place in the ‘Blue City’.

Location, Timings, Entry.

This is located towards 8 km to the west in Jodhpur city. The entry to the lake is completely free The timings wander in and around the lakes are from 8am to 6pm.

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