Mahamandir, Jodhpur

Mahamandir – A Splendid Architecture.

Mahamandir temple is a splendid piece of architecture the popularity of the temple has been reached to the sky within the few years so now it has become a centre of attraction to many tourist. This wonderful piece of architecture is supported by 84 pillars with beautiful designs on them.There are several designs in scripted there which features various yoga postures.The pillars in the Mahamandir temples are adorned with intricate stone carvings,frescoes and other artwork which is beautifully designed in the ancient times. Mahamandir Temple has been considered a truly treat to one’s Eyes.

Lord Shiva – The Main Deity.

The main deity inside the Garbh Grah of the temple is of Lord Shiva.The temple has various Prehistoric designs and also adorned with brilliant stoneworks Beautiful architectural designs are depicted on the walls of the shrines.The temple is one of the popular place in Jodhpur city as it is the best symbol which shows the craftsmanship of Rajasthan this marvellous piece of architecture attracts heavy number of tourist every year.Tourist not only worship Lord Shiva there but also witnesses the beauty of the temple as the stunned architectural motif,beautiful wall paintings the artwork of the the temple is really appreciating also the temple has a beautiful design hall which is used for the yoga classes regularly.

Rejuvenates your Soul.

Mahamandir Temple helps you in rejuvenating your soul after getting tired while visiting one after the other destinations of the ‘Blue City’ visiting the temple is an awesome experience.There are a number of entertainment sources present there just like renowned restaurants that will also help you to have a taste of local cuisines, local items are available at the shops present there.So come and explore the architectural Marvel of the mahamandir temple.The Shrine is regularly being visited by the Shiva devotees.It is a very huge Temple with the marvelous artistic sculptures and architecture.


Mahamandir temple is located on the the Mandore road,Jodhpur.Temple opens at 4 in the morning and closes at 12 in the noon it again reopens at 4 in the noon and closes at 9 at the night the schedule is followed for all the seven days. No entry fee is charged from the tourist.

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